Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Kids In Kare is to provide your child with a positive, wholesome learning experiences and opportunities to supplement your own home training and guidance. We believe in development appropriate practices on both age and intelligence levels. We also believe that child should have hands-on experiences, which are child lead and teacher guide.

Our goals are to have as many learning centers as there are interests and needs. All aged children have the capacity to learn and they can find dun in almost any learning situation. We want to provide challenges for their minds and bodies, keeping their interest alert, but within the range of their abilities so as not to dampen their spirit. We will encourage creativity, imagination, and curiosity in all areas.

We want to foremost to give your child the feeling of his or her own self-worth. We want your child to realize that he/she is a very special person and no one can ever be exactly like him/her. Because when one knows that they are loved and appreciated for themselves, they love and appreciate others as well as themselves